What WTG will do for you that the other guys really don’t:

  • Leverage your existing IT infrastructure, working with the details of your production environment to derive, build and seamlessly integrate new multi-level contingency solutions into your daily operations.
  • Provide expert technical consultants that construct and write robust recovery plans with customized, detailed procedures that can be relied on to actually work in recovery situations.
  • Select and use only best-of-breed, state-of-the art high-availability, storage and recovery products and technologies for our solutions.
  • Validate availability and recovery requirements by working through details on the business side of your operations—using WTG’s proprietary “availability profiling” and “IBPD process analysis” techniques.
  • Reduce your total Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity costs by tens of thousands to potentially millions of dollars through restructuring aging backup/recovery systems, arranging hardware swaps/upgrades and eviscerating existing hotsite agreements.