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The William Travis Group is a world leader in Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, and All-Risk Incident Management. Through a 360° approach that covers all areas of business operations, we offer the most advanced continuity solutions available. Our plan focuses not only recovery, but more importantly about how operate without disasters.

The founder of WTG created the first formal recovery planning methodology which is still the basis for today’s best industry practices. With 25 years of experience working on some of the industry’s largest projects, WTG offers the industry’s most robust and rigorous techniques and intellectual property. Our NextGen 360° Advanced Business Continuity™ and NextGen All-Risk Incident Management™ methodologies ensure the best return on investment, the least ongoing maintenance overhead and the most intuitive usability at time of disaster.

Our goal is to reduce cost, exposure, frustration, and risk; this is accomplished by a 5-step process: design, plan, exercise, train and maintain. WTG has proven this formula for multinational companies and some of the largest DR/BC projects in the industry. WTG is the most reliable source for vendor-independent recovery solutions and world-class consulting capabilities with a personal focus, quality and commitment to service.

WTG Differences

WTG combines innovative continuity strategies, unparalleled experience, broad product knowledge and hands-on technical skills into the most cost- and operationally-effective continuity and incident management programs to be found in the industry today. WTG differentiates ourselves because the solutions we craft for our clients are:

Indisputably Impartial
We only offer our clients our services… we do not sell or resell hot-sites, software, hardware or any other company’s services or products. Our client’s know without a doubt that when we recommend a solution, it’s because we believe it’s in their best interests, not because we’re getting a commission or spiff under the table.

Singularly Focused
We offer DR/BC and All-risk Incident Management services. Period. Every single resource we have is 100% dedicated to achieving excellence to this end.

Unabashedly Skeptical
We pride ourselves on finding better ways of doing things and reject the status quo. As a result, our proprietary tools and techniques offer our client’s the best price-performance possible.

Unrelentingly Pragmatic
The single biggest improvement we offer our clients is integration of business continuity and incident management into the daily fabric of their organization. This integration provides day-to-day benefits that make continuity planning an investment with a measurable R.O.I. as opposed to an expense driven by unknown probabilities.

Uncompromisingly Client-centric
We continually strive to exceed our client’s expectations and we have a 20-year history of successfully doing so. Our track record is impeccable and our client references reflect 100% satisfaction. Yes, 100%!

5 Step Proven Process

The William Travis Group is a world leader in Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, and All-Risk Incident Management. Our goal is to reduce cost, exposure, frustration, and risk; this is accomplished by a 5-step process: design, plan, exercise, train and maintain.

WTG’s needs assessment and design services ensure that your recovery and continuity requirements are defined accurately.

WTG’s NextGen plans are broader in scope, deeper in detail, easier to read, easier to maintain and easier to use at-time-of-disaster.

WTG works with our clients to develop a life-cycle testing program that steadily improves their recovery capabilities.

WTG also offers a wide range of specialized services designed to meet the needs of our clients.

In today’s complex business environments with their constantly accelerating rate of change, traditional plan maintenance is simply inadequate.

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Hands-down the most successful, detailed, unique and modern approach to Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and All-Risk Incident Management…

Hands-down the most successful Joseph

WTG is a leader in the Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery consulting industry. There are amazing people working here… Our clients love WTG because we help them solve the most complex problems…

WTG is a leader Steve

I have been working at WTG for almost 15 years. In that time, I have steadily advanced position, salary, and responsibility. I have been given ample freedom to suggest new ways of doing business, been given creative oversight on numerous projects…

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